Gift cards allow your guests to contribute to the success of your company.

With online E-Gift Cards, you can increase demand and bring back loyal consumers.

Gift cards allow your guests to contribute to the success of your company.

Gift alternatives that are versatile
Allow visitors to text or email e-gift cards. Foodli POS clients may also get physical gift cards.

Effortless integration
E-gift cards can be used both online and in-store.

Simple to use
Guests may quickly check their e-gift card balance online, using your website or your online buying site.

Gift card sales can assist in increasing income.

Online electronic gift card sales
With Foodli Online buying, you can sell gift cards online by adding a button to your website or online buying site.

Provide tangible gift cards
When you're ready, sell actual gift cards that are customised to your restaurant's brand.

Increase short-term cash flow for your long-term strategy.
According to Foodli statistics, visitors who use a gift card to make a purchase spend more than the value of the gift card.

Get access to detailed gift card sales reports.
If you also have Foodli POS, you can analyse gift card sales by day, week, month, or more, and view complete order history on each gift card transaction in Foodli Reporting & Analytics.

Gift cards may be simply managed by guests.

Email and SMS gift cards are simple to purchase and sell.
Allow guests to purchase email gift cards and send them via email or SMS with a personalised message.

Guests may arrange gift card deliveries.
Are you shopping for a particular occasion? Guests can programme gift cards to be delivered to the recipient on a certain day and time.

Gift card redemption is quick and straightforward.
Allow clients to use a contactless QR code to pay with a gift card over the phone, when buying online using Foodli Online buying, or in person at the restaurant POS system or kiosk.

Online balance management is simple.
Allow visitors to check their gift card balance online and even add more value.

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