Restaurant Self-Ordering Kiosks

Proven to reduce wait times, Foodli kiosks put guests in control of their dining experience and free up staff to handle other duties.

Self-ordering kiosks simplify the guest experience in quick service restaurants.

Convenient & Contactless

Guests can place orders independently and customize their meal to their heart's content.


Orders are sent directly from self-service kiosks to the line.


Reduce wait times, improve staff productivity, and increase check sizes.

Streamline your front of house operations with self-service kiosks

Increase staff productivity
With guests ordering on their own, free up staff to handle important tasks elsewhere.

Reduce wait times
With no back-and-forth between cashier and guest, wait times are reduced drastically.

Increase check sizes
Incorporate add-on’s and upsell prompts as guests order to increase check size.

Create a quick-and-easy ordering experience with restaurant kiosks

Give guests the freedom to choose

Guests can customize their order with available add-on’s and modifiers.

Offer contactless payment options

Guests can enjoy a contactless order and pay experience

 Features you need to run your restaurant

Analytics & Reporting

Take control of your restaurant's performance with detailed analytics. Keep tabs on your restaurant's performance from anywhere, and on any device, with cloud-based access to key reports and sales performance.

Menu Management

Master your menu wherever you are. Make menu updates from any terminal at your restaurant or anywhere else on your smartphone. Running a limited special? Avoid an awkward 86 with real time item countdowns so your servers and your kitchen are in sync.

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